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Diabetes Messenger Bags & Design of Diabetes

Friday, March 18th, 2011

It’s been a a year or so now that the Switch Me Messenger was sold out (all within a couple of months), and because you all expressed a need for them again. They’re making a return, and that’s what I love so much about running Stick Me Designs. It’s you all that I rely on to make all the hard choices that I’m not the greatest at, but rightly so because in the end it’s the diabetes family and community that will be enjoying my accessories, traveling with them, and whipping them out during a night out to make sure

Trippy Nite 'Switch Me' Messenger

those bg’s are on track.

For those of you new to the Switch Me Messenger the idea is simple. One messenger bag body, that comes with a supply clutch, and a choice of different flaps to switch out when you feel like changing the look of your diabetes bag.  When you feel like blue, grab a blue flap..feeling like a retro green, grab that one.  It’s the ultimate accessory for all you ‘changeyourminders’ out included :)

Another new development I’m working on is the ‘Design of Diabetes’ website and t-shirt design contest.  I wanted to give the community a platform to express what you want to say about diabetes. Maybe a favorite motivational quip, or a creative sketch that helps you get by.  The idea not new to the t-shirt industry a la is to allow the creative types to upload a design. Share the design with community visitors via the Design of Diabetes website, and let them vote on their faves. The popular ones get made into tees. The idea is to melt design, style and awareness into the lifestyles of the community at large. Oh and I have to include that a portion of the winning designs will be given to the artists’ favorite diabetes charity.  And that’s what makes is awesomebulous!Diabetes tee design idea

While some of you may know that in addition to being a busy business mom, I’m also a Navy Chief spouse, and my husband goes away often on ‘Navy water excursions’…but now as we wind down his 20 year career, it’s time to pick up new orders. Ideally we’d like to stay here in the Virginia Beach, VA area, but the Navy isn’t that kind at the moment. With budget woes, and job spots becoming a rare commodity we may have to get creative to make this happen.  *Sigh* so what does this all mean? Well put simply, we may be moving within a year…but only after my husband leaves me and the boys for 6+ Long summer months! Uugh..not my favorite part of the Navy but a job that needs to be done none the less.

Step Right Up Folks…To The Greatest Show on Earth!  Come watch as the mom of 2 very rambunctious boys under the age of 6, juggle life as a single parent, an entrepreneur, selling a house, buying a house, fixing said house, looking for a new job (hopefully won’t need that part), looking for a new school, saying good bye, and readjusting all over again!! Yes folks the next year will read straight from fingers of a mom juggling waay more than she ever thought she could.

Stay Tuned, oh and thanks for reading!


{It’s been 5 months in the making but…}

Friday, February 20th, 2009

After all my blabbing and the “I’m so excited” hoopla I’ve been going on and on about and draining your ears and eyes with, our diabetes messenger bags and D-Mates are finally here in all their complete glory.

Yes folks the last component to our Switch Me Messenger bag the D-mate clutch arrived today and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  And I can personally attest to all the painstaking work our contractors were busily doing, at times working into the wee crack of dawn hours to help us get these babes out to you guys.

I’m so greatful for all that they have done for us, and that I can now share what we’ve been working on for so long with you.  A stylish, modern and of course functional bag that can totally change the way it looks just by ‘switching out’ the designer flaps.

D-Mate clutchAnd because it is anyway, a messenger bag for pwd, the D-Mate Clutch is what will set our messengers apart from other diabetes bags. Not to mention that once you buy your Switch Me Messenger, you’re D-Mate clutch is included and all you have to do then is grab some flaps.  Which I will tell you now that while there is only 4 available currently, we have over 21 designs lined up to be trickled out — gotta keep you thirsty for more and coming back!

What we’ve set out to accomplish when designing this messenger was to create a diabetes bag that could:

1) We wanted our messenger bag to be useeful to many different people thriving, living and loving somone with with diabetes. Like parents of little diabetics, busy errand runners, daily commuters, corporate motivators, and/or anyone who wants a bit of modern style with their diabetes messenger bag.

2) A bag that could be used by both men and women with the right designer features and elements. Hence the idea to switch the flap to allow a masculine look or a feminine look.

3) And lastly (but not really) a way to stretch your budget a bit so that you can keep your bag fresh and full of life without scouring for a costly bag every time you get a crazy whim to do so.  One that will satisfy all of your needs to keep your supplies organized and always close at hand, but look good while doing so.  It also needed to be easily luggable(is that a word?) when completely full but not look like you’re carrying the kitchen sink, when in reality you just might be.

We think we’ve accomplished these very important points that people with diabetes have expressed to us over the past year and a few more we can’t think of now, but are sure you’ll let us know once you get one for yourself.

So enough with the gibber jabber. Go look for yourself!


{And Groovy Blue Makes Them Complete}

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Groovy Blue flap

So now the first set of flaps from the Switch Me Messengers is complete.  The New Spring collection of switch-able flaps are here, and for all you Groovy Blue Deluxe owners you’ll be the first to co-ordinate your Stick Me Designs collection. But don’t fret if you have Deluxe’s from our retired collections because your flaps will emerge soon.  So here’s a picture to get a warm fuzzy visual*


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