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New Custom Diabetes Gear for Gift Ideas

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Newsletter Member private deals

Newsletter Member private deals


Need some gift ideas for someone you love with diabetes? We have new fabrics in stock and now each of of our clutch bags and wristlets can be customized with your fabric or ours.

Join our Newsletter for private pricing on great new bags and clutches.

CLICK HERE to visit our site for joining details. Christmas orders must be received by December 18th, with custom orders by the 15th!

Questions email us at: info [at] stickmedesigns dot com



New Stylish Diabetes Bags…Absolutely!

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

2012 was an amazing year for Stick Me Designs. Not only did I quit my 8-5  j-o-b to run SMD full time I also am going to school to become a licensed Esthetician to better understand how professional skin care can change how we age and take care of ourselves.  So far it’s has been a year full of uphill battles and downward slides (in a good way :)

All in all it’s been a great year, and not only has SMD started more conversations than ever, we’ve done so in all but 4 US States and in 5 countries and counting! We’re growing and it’s all because you all are talking and telling others about diabetes through using our gear and staying on top of testing and monitoring! So Yay You!!

As 2013 kicks off we’re excited to bring in new designs, new awareness jewelry and more conversation starters.  The more people talk, the more people know and that’s a beautiful thing.

I’d like to invite you to come join our conversation on Facebook, or be a part of our Newsletter. As members of these elite

Zebra & Strap

communities you get privileged access to our diabetes bags, jewelry and gear at private pricing and you get insider details before our general visitors…not too shabby.

So if this is your first time here or finding us…Welcome, if you’re just stopping in for a check in…Thank you…Here’s to a wonderful 2013!!



New Diabetes Designs Coming For You…

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Oooh don’t you just love when new goodies come out? You get more fabulous options for your supplies, and even more choices to compliment your life without hindering your style. Yup that’s what we’re all about around here. We want you to test often, and manage well, but we absolutely want you to look crazy beautifulsome while you’re doing it.

That’s why we try to stay plugged into what you all want and need…and simply Give You What You Ask For!

We love doing it and we think it’s what helps us be better for you. So without giving away too much, our 2 new designs coming will serve 2 different lifestyles, but you may just want both of them, because we get it your daily lifestyle needs change and your accessories should too.
But if you’re on our List you’ll know all about that. So if you’re not you can click here…and get on it.

Also we had some new Tuff Clutch and Tuff Band designs emerge too, we’ll leave you with some.






Diabetes Awareness Jewelry – Tritex Design & Updates, Updates, Updates

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Not the beaded crystal jewelry wearing type? No worries, we have some ideas that you may enjoy. Our newly updated Tuff Gear Collection includes 2 designs of Tuff Bands with a couple more coming in the next week or so. With all the new additions coming you may be wondering…how do I keep up Rickina? Well you can through a couple of ways, our Newsletter or on our Facebook fanpage.


If you’re a more rugged gear type, or if your little one is well…tough on their stuff. A Tuff Band is the solution you’re looking for. Durable, strong and customized to your color choices you’ll absolutely wear them and still show your awareness.  They also come standard with a stainless steel shakle buckle…but if you’re partial to the sturdy nylon buckle in your choice of colors, you can still opt for that too.

Visited our website and missed seeing our best selling wristlet? I miss seeing it too…but not to worry. The next collection will be available in the next few weeks. Our newly voted on and selected fabrics courtesy of you all, are arriving at our contractors location, and are getting started.

This Fall season the wristlets will make their debut again, while the deluxe clutch will launch later in the season.

But because we want to be The destination for all your functional, style-forward diabetes bags, clutches, and awareness jewelry and tees, we’re already working on 2 new carry designs inspired by You, our customers, fans, followers and friends. If you know anything on how we debut new designs we do that through our Newsletter or the Facebook fanpage, so if you love hearing the news before thousands of others do…Get on the list.

Oh and hey have you seen our Tuff Clutch yet? Quickly becoming a favorite, constructed of heavy seatbelt webbing, and monster sized zipper, it’s strong, durable and looks ready to take on your daily diabetes grind. Each Tuff Clutch can be customized with your choice of up to 4 different webbing colors! My husband absolutely loves this bag, and he’s a hard-to-impress kinda guy. So tell me what you think….

Also in September, we’ll be attending a trade show in hopes to connect and build relationships with hundreds of pharmacies across the US, to help bring our accessories to more of the community so you can see, feel, and experience them before you buy.

If you’d like to see our accessories in your pharmacy, please ask for Stick Me Designs diabetes accessories to the manager or owner. Then let us know you asked them, if we get our products in that location receive a FREE accessory of your choice!  Contact Us for more details.





Happy Blue Friday & New Collection Updates!

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Wow the Facebook fan page is a buzz with talks of new design ideas, and updates. And we’ve also narrowed down our next collection fabrics courtesy of our awesome friends, fans, followers and customers. You all are amazing and continue to surprise me with your lovely choices. So on this Happy Blue Friday, let’s roll out the next fabrics for our upcoming collection!

Ocean Bloom, Purple Dandi, Aqua Scribble, Pink Giraffe


& the Limited Edition Canary Grey

And Skate Life & Summer Whales

We’re also working on some new designs for grown up dudes too! Great designs for the guys guy too! Think seatbelt webbing, and awesome!

What do you think?


**It’s Time to Vote for the Upcoming Stick Me Designs Collections**

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

stylish meter bagsIt’s that time of year again…when things heat up outside and everyone is scrambling for activities to do to stay cool. Well I can think of one you should participate in….

Hey you’re good…it’s vote for the upcoming collection time again. We do this a few times a year and let our customers, fans, followers and visitors vote for the next collection designs that will be produced for Stick Me Designs.

Why do we do this you ask? Well that’s easy…because we/I am all about giving the diabetes community at large exactly what they want in diabetes accessories, diabetes bags and stylish cases. I might be on a peach and blue trip…while you all may be likin’ gold and green…soo we solve it by letting you all dictate which fabrics make it.

Please comment below with the number(s) that you like, and we’ll tally all the counts and decide which top choices make it!

Oh and feel free to let other peeps know about your faves…more comments…better chances of survival into the next collection! Yay!





stick me designs diabetes accessories


























Phew…ok, let’s hear it!


Stylish Diabetes Bags | The Sold Out Stars

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Our ‘Stars’ from our recent Diabetes Monitor magazine feature have returned and now need a good home. If you like a little style with your diabetes accessories or diabetic kit bag, we’ve got you least for the moment. These are the last 3 of our previously sold out collections. We’re now gearing up for our In Between collection to stock up till our Summer/Fall collection is ready late this summer.

So why should you grab one of our diabetes bags? Because they carry a ton of supplies comfortably and well because they look fabulous of course!

Teetering on whether or not you’re ready to relinquish your black nylon bag? If you’re thinking it…You Are. Grab one at our clear ‘em out price or gift one to someone who needs a new stylish meter case!

Wristlet in Can’t Lose & Saffron  is $29.99
Punky Clutch is: $34.99 

p.s. don’t go looking for them on our website…they’re Sold Out Remember?

You have to shoot me an email at: info [at] and let me know you want them.

Stylish Can't Lose Pink Diabetic Case

diabetes stylish bag

Stick Me Designs wristlet diabetes bag


Mission: Small Business | Diabetes & Stick Me Designs

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

We’re in a race…a race to get at least 250 votes to be eligible for a $250K grant from Chase & Living Social to help our business grow! We would love it a ton if you would vote for us. We would use the funds to grow through more styles to choose from, more designs, and allow us to visit more events, and support more charities and diabetes focused causes.

I’ve even created a little infographic to help you vote…(cause it can be a little tricky)

Thank you for your votes!


Another Hoot Diabetes Clutch Giveaway!

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Thanks to 2 recent Hoot customers, we have 2 Hoot clutch bags available for giveaway!

I’m also trying out a new method to keep track of the giveaway, the top 2 participants will grab their very own

Hoot Deluxe Clutch!  Yay!

You’re welcome to share this giveaway with others! :)





More diabetes accessory choices for you, and the VIPS circle

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

As fashionista’s and overall  style savvy group of customers you want choices, you want selection, and most importantly you want function.  Stick Me Designs answers this call with yet another addition to the fresh lineup that is gaining more and more popularity every month.  Stick Me Satchel’s are the perfect accessory solution for your testing supplies, and doubles as a fashion forward handbag. This new addition can hold many popular e-readers like the Nook, and Kindle and can hold enough stuff for mini-jaunts around town.  The first to launch are:

Trippy Nite


So many pockets and spaces to keep your stuff, will make you happy with spacejoy!

Now that you have found your Satchel design you love, why not get it at an Appreciation price? How you ask? By becoming a Very Important Pumper & Sticker (VIPS) circle member. As a VIPS member you can enjoy shopping the most popular styles at a price I call the ‘I appreciate you’ price. Not to mention get first dibs on pre-orders, private sales, and more unbelievable perks to come.  Enjoy your perks for a month, and if you love them become a yearly member with a small yearly fee.  Not only will you get Stick Me perks, but other industry perks as well.. woo hoo!


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