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I love Someone With Diabetes T-Shirt | Diabetes Shirts

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

If you love someone with diabetes you probably already where your heart on your sleeve…now you can wear it on your t-shirt too.

Our ‘I <3 someone with diabetes‘ t-shirt is live and available, but only till Sept 3, 8pm Eastern.  Reserve one today before they’re gone.

Feel free to share with others who may love someone living with diabetes too!

I love someone with diabetes

I love someone with diabetes


Diabetes Bags & Clutches

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Style or function should never be compromised when you have to carry something with you 24/7. For that simple reason is why Stick Me Designs exists.

Our designs strive for function paired with style forward flair. Always seeking to bring our customers something new, creative and modern.

While sometimes our designs are not right for every customer it is our hope that even if we can make just a few people happier about pulling out a bag, clutch or pocket to test and monitor their glucose…we’re doing something right!

3 stack tuff bands custom wrist and clutch neonroyal


So many options for diabetes accessories

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

It has always been my mission to bring not only function to diabetes accessories but always style to boot. But I never wanted to stop at just bags…I wanted to give the community options to make every accessory their own. Now almost 5 years later I’m happy with the direction our accessories are moving into. With diabetes awareness bracelets, carrying cases of so many varying sizes and configurations it’s what I’ve wanted for pwd since I launched in 2007.

Here are just some of the newest pieces we’ve added…join our Newsletter for private pricing deals and heads up on our newest collections.

Thank you for reading and as always let me hear your input!

Many ways to diabetes awarness with our Tuff Bands


Wristlet Refresh & Sparkle On


Sparkle On Clutch


Wristlet Refresh





Diabetes Handbags & The Private Design Room

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Don’t you feel special when you get exclusive access to something not everyone does? I LOVE it. I mean who doesn’t like to feel like they’re getting into something that is secret and private? Maybe it’s my inquisitive child inside, but I love it. Enter ‘Krymson’ our newest addition, a collection of Diabetes Handbags

So in case you didn’t know, I’m working on several new additions and changing some things around these days, and one of them is the introduction of our Handbag collection ‘Krymson’. While the collection may not be for everyone, it is for you if you want a beautifully styled utility style bag that can hold ALL of your daily stuff…including your d-supplies. This diabetes handbag collection will be durable, strong yet beautiful and stylish.  Priced a bit higher than our clutches and wristlets, it will be the bag you go to when you need to carry larger wallets, more stuff, your tablets, supplies, even an extra pair of flat shoes..(cause you never know when the feet will need a break :)

In the design phase now I hope to have pieces available just in time for the holidays. Another new addition is the adding of a Mini-BP..small back pack. Perfect if you need a hands free way to keep your supplies, but don’t want an over the shoulder bag. Or if you happen to just like back packs the Mini BP will do the trick. Still in prototype phase, we’re hoping to roll this one out by 2013.

But back to the exclusive access peek at the first bag from Krymson…I made a video showcasing my very rough sample…if you wanna see it, you can request a private showing. Now mind you…this is a very rough peek…the final product will be smashing…but my sewing/gluing skills not so much, so keep that in mind :) Request your invite HERE!


And just in time for the Summer Swelter..a mini collection of 2 new bags to take us into our big Fall Collection. Available for Pre-Order at the shop, a great design for ladies and for little guys!

Lemon Garden

diabetes case

Bull Dog Betes

diabetes bag for boys




Uugh ok I’m thinking here..see the blue smoke?

Monday, June 6th, 2011

When you have a spouse who is gone for 6 months at a time.

You have a lot of time to think, and a lot of time to let your mind

wander through it’s tunnels and caves.  Lately my mind is on a rampage…

well lemme rephrase. My mind is on an ever-searching voyage.  With

my husband retiring from the Navy in just over 4 years, it has been

my promise to him that when that time comes, he can take some time

and really figure out who he is without the Navy and not immediately

jump back into another job or career. I think after 20 years (15 of it together)

I can at least give him that.

This means that financially we’ve gotta have our schtick together…more

importantly I’ve got to have my schtick together.  Because truth be told, my

husband is the money maven in the house…me…well let’s just say I’m still

learning….. And moving on.


While putting it out there with my V.I.P.S Circle, and trying to transform my

business, it’s becoming obvious that I have to clearly define the purpose and

what I’m trying to accomplish.

Sounds easy enough right? But uugh it’s so hard to get it right, and get others around you

on board. I struggle with this, but I’m not gonna give up. I know what I’m doing

means something…to someone.  And eventually it will grow and flourish…


This is where I am, I’m striving to be the bread winner of my household…I’m trying

to get there in less than 5 years. I plan on doing it with my company Stick Me Designs…and

I hope you’ll come along for the ride…especially if you like roller coasters.


More stylish diabetes bag…Hooray!

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

So far I’m calling them the Stick Me Satchel and they’re the newest designs to arrive for all of the stylish, savvy types out there. About half the size of the messenger, the Satchel is a great design for younger  pumpers and stickers or more experienced stickers and pumpers alike.  With tons of pockets and a separate supply area makes the Satchel the perfect solution  those light days, or for little ones to carry.

While the Satchel is being released very soon, you can also choose from various re-prints of the New Deluxe, now featuring more pocekts, placeholders and overall more room. More prints will be released in the coming months…it’s all about modern savvy style and most importantly function for your crazy busy lifestyle.


Switch Me Diabetes Messenger Bags

Monday, April 4th, 2011

They’re baaack, and even more functional than the previous launch. You spoke up and we responded, you said you wanted a messenger bag that could not only hold your d supplies, but other daily stuff too…done. You said you wanted to have a bag that could change looks in a snap, but not buy another bag…done and done.  You also said you wanted a bag that had an insulated pocket to keep you insulin cool….phew…done!

The flaps available now are from the previous launch, while new flaps will be available in 2 weeks.  Not to mention new fabrics to be voted and ‘liked’ on facebook for the newly updated Deluxe clutch bags. Bigger, with more pockets and more space for stuff. New fabric choices will be uploaded on the Stick Me Designs facebook fan page to see what you all think of the new fabrics. Love ‘em, or hate ‘em I need to know so that the favorites make it into the finally choices.

If you wanna ensure you get the flap you want, pre-orders are available Now! With pre-orders shipping out on Friday the 8th.  And I gotta tell ya there is only ONE of the very popular Groovy Blue flap left. So you want it…better go pre-order today!


Diabetes Messenger Bags & Design of Diabetes

Friday, March 18th, 2011

It’s been a a year or so now that the Switch Me Messenger was sold out (all within a couple of months), and because you all expressed a need for them again. They’re making a return, and that’s what I love so much about running Stick Me Designs. It’s you all that I rely on to make all the hard choices that I’m not the greatest at, but rightly so because in the end it’s the diabetes family and community that will be enjoying my accessories, traveling with them, and whipping them out during a night out to make sure

Trippy Nite 'Switch Me' Messenger

those bg’s are on track.

For those of you new to the Switch Me Messenger the idea is simple. One messenger bag body, that comes with a supply clutch, and a choice of different flaps to switch out when you feel like changing the look of your diabetes bag.  When you feel like blue, grab a blue flap..feeling like a retro green, grab that one.  It’s the ultimate accessory for all you ‘changeyourminders’ out included :)

Another new development I’m working on is the ‘Design of Diabetes’ website and t-shirt design contest.  I wanted to give the community a platform to express what you want to say about diabetes. Maybe a favorite motivational quip, or a creative sketch that helps you get by.  The idea not new to the t-shirt industry a la is to allow the creative types to upload a design. Share the design with community visitors via the Design of Diabetes website, and let them vote on their faves. The popular ones get made into tees. The idea is to melt design, style and awareness into the lifestyles of the community at large. Oh and I have to include that a portion of the winning designs will be given to the artists’ favorite diabetes charity.  And that’s what makes is awesomebulous!Diabetes tee design idea

While some of you may know that in addition to being a busy business mom, I’m also a Navy Chief spouse, and my husband goes away often on ‘Navy water excursions’…but now as we wind down his 20 year career, it’s time to pick up new orders. Ideally we’d like to stay here in the Virginia Beach, VA area, but the Navy isn’t that kind at the moment. With budget woes, and job spots becoming a rare commodity we may have to get creative to make this happen.  *Sigh* so what does this all mean? Well put simply, we may be moving within a year…but only after my husband leaves me and the boys for 6+ Long summer months! Uugh..not my favorite part of the Navy but a job that needs to be done none the less.

Step Right Up Folks…To The Greatest Show on Earth!  Come watch as the mom of 2 very rambunctious boys under the age of 6, juggle life as a single parent, an entrepreneur, selling a house, buying a house, fixing said house, looking for a new job (hopefully won’t need that part), looking for a new school, saying good bye, and readjusting all over again!! Yes folks the next year will read straight from fingers of a mom juggling waay more than she ever thought she could.

Stay Tuned, oh and thanks for reading!


**Contest Time Over $125 in Stylish Diabetes Goodies Up for Grabs**

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

So here’s the scoop.  As a small diabetes accessory business owner I’m always looking for fun ways to promote awareness of stylish diabetes accessories and have fun doing it.  My favorite way to do this is with word of mouth from my customers and friends, and with *Contests*!


Yay, contests are fun and everyone likes a super duper cool contest!

So it’s that time again, and this one is sure to please and bring out all the Super Stick Me Fans. I’m on the lookout for my biggest Super Stick Me Fan?

Is it You??  Would you blog about Stick Me Goodness? Would you Tweet it up? Or would you be willing to help me reach my goal of 500 Super Facebook Fans?

Well we’re about to see because up for grabs in this Super Duper Stick Me Bag of Loot Valued at over $125!!

*A Red Morocco Deluxe Bag – retail $39.99
*A Groovy Blue Pocket & an Aqua Retro Pocket – retail $16.99/each
*2 Kiwi Garden Bio Flips – retail $5
*A ‘Got Insulin’ Stick Me Tee(in small) – retail $15
*A super awesome copper and Greek Leather ‘Diabetes’ awareness bracelet – retail $32.00
(Greek Leather may be substituted for cotton if winner chooses)

That’s over $125 in Fabulous Stick Me Goodies!

Now whatdaya gotta do to Grab this Swag of Goodness? Well You Can Choose!

1.  Tweet about the contest, and encourage your followers to Retweet and to join us on Facebook – (my personal goal is to get 500+ followers)  A girl can wish right? :)

2. Write a blog post about the contest and your favorite Stick Me Goodies and encourage comments and new facebook fans – Leave me a facebook comment so I know you blogged about the contest and so I can direct my followers to your post as well ( a little push for  too you my friends :)

3. A little bit of everything…if you have a creative way to spread the Stick Me word…let me hear it.

The most ambitious Super Fan will be chosen next Friday at 7pm Eastern time, and announced on Facebook   ( search Stick Me Designs) & Twitter (@stickmedesigns_)

Make sure you share your efforts with me through Twitter, Facebook, or with emails…so I can keep track of the Super Fans entries!

The winner of the contest will be announced at 7pm Eastern next Friday the 21st.

The Super Fan that has shown the most initiative to spread the word and/or grow the facebook fan list will be chosen as The Super Fan Winner!

So…. are you our Super Fan?  Let the Super ‘Fan-ing’ ehem Begiiiin!


{Spy Shots…Stylish Diabetes Carrying Case}

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

The next Stick Me Designs Deluxe carrying case has been spotted and we have the shots to prove it.  Check out the spy shots that we have.  The new Groovy Blue carrying case will be available after November 14th.  


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