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We’re Growing Up…

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Well at least Stick Me Designs is. This is our 3rd year in business and I’ve held on through the upstart which I still feel like I’m in at times, and we’re still holding strong this tough economy. But with growth comes lessons learned and new creations, ideas and maturity.

Upcoming Krimson collectionWe’ve had many customers come to us and ask for a mature, grown-up collection of bags that caters to those who enjoy color yes, but also like a bit of sophistication and chic-ness with their diabetes style.  Sophistication and diabetes accessories haven’t quite hit the mainstream but we hope to change that with a new line of designs titled ‘Krimson’.  The Krimson line will be a modern, sophisticated take on our fresh functional diabetes bags, cases and accessories.

With modern edge, flair and design the Krimson collection will feature bold fabrics, functional thoughtful design, and modern sophisticate style.

We’ll show you a spy prototype shot because you rock if you’re reading this :) :

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Diabetes Awareness Jewelry that is so chic

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

So you say “I know I should wear an awareness bracelet but…” “I’m just not that into crystals” or maybe you say,

“I want my very picky teenage daughter to wear some type of diabetes-type alert bracelet, but she won’t wear any I buy her”

copper styleWell we’ve designed some groovy, chic alternatives to choose from that we’re sure will be hit for those picky types out there.

Our diabetes awareness jewelry are originally designed by us, handcrafted by local artists and speak without being totally obnoxious…can it accomplish all of this? Yes indeedy…my friends and we’re happy how the end results turned out.

So just in case you want to wear diabetes jewelry, but you’re not into rubber, crystals or big bulky designs, we may have a solution.  But if you are into those things, no worries because there’s plenty of pickin’s out there for you too*sterling style

Want to grab one of ours?  Cool. CLICK HERE and you’re off to happy chic-ness…


What I want Oprah to know about us….

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Starting and running a business that is growing every quarter while: working full time, going back to school, being a mother to 4 and 2 year old boys and being a Navy Chief wife isn’t easy. In fact it’s downright life-changing in more ways than I’m sure I know right at this moment.

But what I do know is that what I’m doing is something that people feel good about.  Living with diabetes is a big pain in the hiney and millions of people are doing it everyday.  With my functional and stylish diabetes accessories I’m able to do a few things quite nicely.

I get to one, be creative which is a huge + for me. I get to two, do something that makes living with diabetes just a little bit sweeter, and colorful.

While my company may not be the largest establishment on the block, we’re doing big things and making a difference to many people everyday.  I am a creative team that designs, creates and distributes to diabetes educators retailers and customers.  They like my designs because in addition to their functionality they’re modern, colorful designs are a welcome “Hello” to their daily routines.

Apparently I missed the segment you did on your show about the growing epidemic on diabetes in America, but it’s no surprise to me because I’m aware of the shocking statistics.  My mom told me about the episode so I decided to go to your website and see what all you had said on your segment.

I’m pretty confident that with the right know-how and guidance my business will become an enterprise and I can share my collections with millions of people around the world.  I’d love to chat about how we can make this possible.


Rickina Velte

Founder|Designer  - Stick Me Designs

Yup that’s what I’d say to Ms. Winfrey should she or any of her assistants, producers, or executives come knocking on my office door…it could happen :)


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