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Saturday, December 6th, 2008

So the mission is simple: To be THE go to source for all your stylish and functional diabetes lifestyle accessories.  We’re going to turn Stick Me Designs into a boutique of online diabetes accessories for every lifestyle and every age. No matter what stage you’re at, newly diagnosed, or a real pro. We’re working toward bringing you fresh, fun designs that are not only functional but will keep you organized.

This is BIG right? I know, but you know what we’re in this industry and we’re looking to do BIG things, so we’re declaring that right here, right now.

So ok now what? Well, we continue to design new and innovative collections that will fit many personalities and lifestyles.  Our next collection The Switch Me line will be the next progression in our family of accessories.  Fitted with style-forward features, and functionality that you’ll enjoy.  Get all your updates from us by joining our Sentinel, we’ll let you hear the news first and we’ll even give you special discount codes that are not published anywhere else!

Got any questions for us, send them our way: info{a.t}


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