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**Working to Fund the Company**

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Some of you may have it made…you’ve worked at a well-paying job for years, you have an epiphany, you quit your well-paying job, use some chunk of your savings and start your own business and you’re a success your very first year, with tons of accolades and you’re in the clear within a year and a half.  Well this is NOT my story…nope not even close.

Yes I HAD a well paying-job that I left because I was having my first child, and my husband was deploying for 6 months and I was going to be home doing everything, with a newborn.  But up till that point I had no reason to be ‘saving’ well I saved but not like that. I was young and spent it, I knew I should’ve been saving but…ehh at that age who really cares to save? Not me anyway.  So fast forward to 4 years later and I’m starting my company Stick Me Designs, I don’t have the chunk of savings to get it started so I rely on what I can to get things going. 

So now it’s time to make some moves to get things rolling forward, on to a new step in the comany’s lifespan, adding new collections and bringing in some new accessories. So I’ve decied to go back to work full time to fund this expansion.  BIG, HUGE, decision for our family. Both boys with a sitter/preschool and I’m working during the daytime* Ginormous adjustment!  I haven’t had a traditional day job since before 1996!  But I think it is well worth it for now to push things along with the company. I see it as a little bit of sacrifice to make it worth it later on. 

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do…and the way I see it it’s only for a little while. Before you know it Stick Me Designs will be the household name in stylish medical accessories!!! 

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