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{Social Networking Overload!}

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

So when running your own small business, you need a few things. You need something you’re selling whether it be a service, product or simply your time. You need people who are willing to part with their money and buy whatever it is you’re selling and you need a way to reach themon a regular basis.  And here’s the part where the internet is greatest thing since ground turkey*  The internet…it can be a phenom and the devil on your screen. 

Ever since the whole 2.0 phase of the internet has evolved so has the springing up of blogs, social networks and communities. But while you’re running around the www looking for creative ways to plug your business, you may find at some point and time that it’s all a bit too much and you’re spreading yourself a little too thin.  That is what has happened to me. My email address has become bombarded with ‘join me’ requests from who knows what or who.  Why? Well because I’ve become a member to about 15-20 different social networking sites…No More!

I’m on a mission to cut back, and slim down on the social networking to only the important ones, and the ones that actually help my business and my sanity, not bother or hinder.  It’s taking a little bit of time, but it’s coming along and with each profile deletion I feel more free…*yay for freedom*   

Along with this new mantra I decided to pack up the boys, the two dogs and take a road trip to NY to visit my mom and sister.  Not recommended for the faint of heart.  The 3 year old talked me death (a blessing and a curse) while the 10 month old slept…the cried…then slept.  Yay roadtrip.  But anyway, we all need a chance to recharge, to regroup and to really look for what is important.  My business is an important part of my life, but I tend to lose sight of me and everything else. So this is a new direction…slow down…smell the summer air…enjoy my family and enjoy this point in my life…

What are you doing????




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{Another Stick Me Star}

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

What a great feeling to know you’re doing something that is wonderful to somebody.  Have you felt that before?  Well in business it’s an especially great wonderful.  One of my happy repeat customers was nice enough to share her newest Stick Me Designs glucose meter bag and her other everyday essentials with us.  We agree that the Spring Squared carrying case goes quite nicely with her coolie, and her food journal…way to be responsible!  Thanks for this great picture*


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{Word is Getting Out!}

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

It’s happening on a slow roll basis. Yup all of my thousand plus emails are slowly starting to take root. What did you not hear me correctly…yes I said a thousand and some emails.  That is how many emails I’ve sent out in my personal quest to put Stick Me Designs on the stylish diabetes accessories map.  They say persistence is a necessary evil when you strike it out on your own…boy they’re not kidding. 

My local newspager the Virginian Pilot will be featuring Stick Me Designs for their weekly story of “At Work With…” guest starring yours truly quick *yay*.  And if you haven’t heard from our homepage post already, we will be featured in this Fall’s Better Homes and Garden’s Diabetic Living and another quick *yay yay*.  I’m psyched.

If you’re thinking of starting your own business know this…it’s not easy…it’s not always fun…and it’s especially difficult if you have small children at home with you during ‘normal working hours’.  But…and here is my saving grace…it is all totally worth it. I’m in love with what I’m doing and that is one of the most satisfying feelings you can have. 

I’m working on putting together an E-book on my  entrepreneur steps I’m taking to get where I want to go…Will You Read It??? 


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