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Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

While the weather in California last weekend was to be desired, I was informed that I arrived during a rain spell, the trip was a delightful experience where I got to meet many people from my online adventures.  Some of those people were lovely customers, Manny Hernandez of TuDiabetes, Amy Tenderich of Diabetes Mine and some awesome people from Life Scan, One Touch Ultra meters among others.

What a great meet and greet opportunity.  It always amazes me when you meet people for the first time, and you think man the online world never does them any justice.  The people I met and got to really see in person were so warm and passionate about this illness and how we can learn more about it and hopefully one day find a cure.  If you have not attended one of these Diabetes Expos’ I highly advise it.  Hands on interactive booths, great information and the people are second to none. 

I’d like to thank all of you who visited my booth and gave me such a warm welcome.  It truly was a nice feeling seeing the reaction from people about our glucose meter bags and hearing all the wonderful feedback from them.  It’s hearing the feedback and understanding more and more that I think, ya know I think I’ve found what I’m supposed to do. I think I’ve found what my gifts and talents are for. 

Nope it’s not a cure, but it does do something for people that have to deal with diabetes, it makes them feel like they’re still beautiful, and they’re not just a sick patient, or maybe it gives them a little bit of normalcy and I’m ok with that.  


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