Do Bright Happy Colors Really Matter….

February 3, 2012 at 3:31 pm , by Stick Me


I’d like to take a moment and share with you why I think bright happy colors do matter especially for people who live with diabetes.  Now before you roll your eyes this is absolutely not a post on how if you stare at the color yellow or orange for 25 minutes every day you’ll be cured of diabetes. Because we know that crazy talk is exactly that…crazy and quite silly really.  But here is what I’m sharing. When I was dealing with sticking myself 4 times a day and dreading the next experience shortly after I just completed it.

I can remember it vivdly. I was working part time at Microsoft Adcenter and I’d start to see all the words on the monitor run together and I’d feel foggy and out of it. I’d glance down to my purse and see the black eyesore staring back at me. Realizing that I’d need to grab it to check my levels and then plan accordingly…sigh…I was never really out loud about my diabetes because I was new to it, and was afraid what people would think. So I’d grab my bag in spy-like fashion and head to the bathroom.

Stick Me Designs wristlet diabetes bagBut my story changed if only slightly when I made my first bright happy diabetes carrying case. Not only did I perk up before grabbing my bag, but I wanted to show it off. My spirits were raised and I felt better about taking care of myself…it really was a spirit lifter. Mind you I’m sensitive to colors (and shiny if you ask the Hubbs) but my little bit of happy did that for me. It made me even a little happy, and at the time it is and was exactly what I needed.

If you’re not affected by bright happy colors then it probably doesn’t matter to you, but if a splash of color gives you a little boost, then Stick Me Designs accessories are a fabulous fit for you.






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